(Made to order, may be in stock depending on quantity) These wedding/anniversary favours (also known as Groom's cake slices) are made from our delicious Fruitcake recipe. Each piece is sliced and individually wrapped. You can choose to add marzipan icing (unrefined sugar, honey, almond extract, ground almonds) and or a white doily and ribbon (white, different colour may be available upon request). You could also order whole or individually wrapped fruitcakes and slice and decorate or box yourself. Our Mistletoe Fruitcake Favours make great gifts for your wedding or anniversary guests!


Tradition: Groom's cakes started popping up in the 17th century as small fruitcakes given to guests as favours at the end of the night.


Tale: Unwed girls who place a wedding fruitcake favour under their pillow before sleep will dream of their future husband.

Fruitcake Favour (30g)