Mistletoe Fruitcake

Mistletoe Moose Mascot
Mistletoe Fruitcake Package Label 400g
Nutrition Facts

Artisian Baked with Wholesome Ingredients (that just happen to be plant-based)


The hosts at Centennial House Bed and Breakfast, keep busy during the festive season! 

The mascot, Mistletoe Moose, represents a Made in Canada stamp and their commitment to a visionary goal.

Diane has baked fruitcakes for over 25 years and can now share them with you. Whether you decide to give a fruitcake as a gift, add squares to your charcuterie or cheese board, hand out as wedding favours, or enjoy a gourmet treat yourself, we're certain you'll love Mistletoe Fruitcake!

This traditional fruitcake recipe is made with glacé fruit (papaya, orange peel, lemon peel, cherries), unbleached flour, dark brown sugar, seedless raisins, fancy molasses, plant-based butter, coffee, ground flax seed, pure Canadian maple syrup, real rum and spices (ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves). A commercial kitchen is rented to prepare and mix the batter of wholesome ingredients. The cakes are slow-baked, and splashed with real rum while still warm. Then each cake is cooled, frozen, and vacuum sealed for at least 4 weeks allowing the flavours to blend creating a smooth, dark and really delicious fruitcake.

Mission Statement

To offer a delicious tasting, moist, traditional fruitcake with a burst of fruit and a hint of rum flavour.

Vision Statement

To offer a really delicious fruitcake using as many ingredients as possible produced or grown from Ontario, Canada's Niagara Region such as local cherries (candied/glacé), pure maple syrup and distilled rum!


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